Catalog Request

Catalog Information

Great World Company has two main catalogs:

- A Chime and Garden Decor Catalog

- A Gift and Novelty Catalog

Below are the covers of our two catalogs. If you would like to aquire the full versions of our catalogs, please contact our customer service center via email : or by telephone: Toll Free 1-800-356-1759

Our Chime and Zephy Spiral catalog consists of over 95 full color pages. There are over hundreds of varieties of wind chimes made from over a dozen different materials. Our Zephyr Spiral Wind Spinners are rust free and laser cut with up to a hundred different designs and styles.

Our Gift and novelty catalog consists of a 25 page full color catalog. The items included are Poly Resin vases, votives, candle holders, jewerly boxes, trinket boxes, and carousel music boxes.

We will mail you our full package of both catalogs and company information for a charge of $10.00 USD. After your first order, we will automatically reimburse you the catalog fee onto your order.*

Payment is in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Prepaid Check and Money Orders also accepted.